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  1. AlxJ64

    Divorced NP205 Clatter / Chatter?

    Has anyone ever had issues with gear clatter in an NP205 after about 15 miles or so of driving? I am chasing a noise and can't seem to pinpoint it. The NP205 in the truck was a well worn unit when it went in for rebuild so wondering if something internal is just worn out and after the fluid gets...
  2. The elusive NP205 6x6 transfer case

    I have searched the Internet and have not found a suitable way to go 6x6 with an NP205 transfer case. There are some shafts that go through on the lower side but tie the front to the rear at all times. The problem with the NP205 is the way the input comes into the front gear rather than the...
  3. white-rhino

    Rebuilding a NP205

    I have a twin sticked Chevy 205 in my buggy. It’s been sorta clattery since I bought it. I replaced all the bearings on the rear output shaft last year and it helped a bit. Yesterday I lost rear axle low range. It popped out of gear a couple times then flat out ground gears. I don’t know...
  4. Winchested

    NWF ecobox output seal leak back into Np205.

    Anyone else had this problem at all? No issues in the first 1400km of street driving. One wheeling trip with a 5hr drive both ways and lost 80% of the oil in the ecobox. Pulled the fill plug on the NP205 and the 1/2 litre to 3/4 litre fill from the ecobox came out. Its weird that it doesn't...
  5. CA Got one....

    Looking for a 32 spline short input shaft for my NP205.
  6. lpukas2

    AZ NP205 Idler Shaft

    Anyone have one they want to part with?
  7. CA Ford NP205

    Looking for a ford NP205 or a 32 spline GM241C manual shift t case to put behind a 4l80e. Gonna swap input shaft in np205 to run behind Chevy. In Lucerne Valley CA but in SoCal preferred. Thanks
  8. Winchested

    Output yokes for NP205 1350 CV style.

    What would be better to run the Flange mount style or the Regular CV u joint style? What's better for longer vrs shorter? This will be on a 105" wheelbase NV4500, NWF 205 ecobox, NP205. Currently front had a square flange style I'd assume 1350? Was orig from a 94 Np241. The rear had that...
  9. C6 NP208 to now Np205

    Ok so I have a friend who has a late 70s ford f150 that has a 351W with a C6 that originally had a NP208 t-case. He now has a NP205 t-case BUT can't run a front driveline since the CV joint on front driveshaft will hit the pan. From my research the NP208 was slightly wider than the NP205 from...
  10. Newb np205 question

    Ok so I got a ford np205 t case i modified the shift rail for twin stick and tore it all apart. I'm having issues putting the modified shift rail back in. One guy on YouTube rail is different than mine. What should I do here. Its the rear down that goes between the rails. It won't go far...
  11. Ford NP205 Transfer case Rebuild Kit

    Ok so I'm running a NP205 behind my turbo 6.0L prerunner beast and I want to go through the case and install new bearings and seals. Who is a good supplier for the complete kit? The bearings all spin free so is it even necessary to change them if they look good and all spin free and smooth...

    Long term updates on shaving a ford 205

    Anyone have any bad experiences with shaving the frame mount on a ford 205? And how you did it