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  1. 65' series 2a 109 off road trip

    Took my son on on a 3 day adventure in our stock 1965 2a109, it's the whipsaw trail in British Columbia Canada.
  2. GGRR 4555

    Parting out Disco 1 Build

    Parting out my rover. Lots of good stuff Voyager Rack $800 obo (they retail for $1688), If you want the KC lights with it we can talk price. Great Basin Rover build differentials. 4.43 gears. Detroit truetrack rear, ARB front. $1000 obo (I paid a fortune for these diffs) Terra Firma HD...
  3. 1972 Darien Gap Swamp Tyres

    Starting back in 1971 Landrover setup the Trans-Americas expediation with a pair of new Range Rovers. They drove from Alaska down through central and south America to Cape Horn. The hard bit of course was the Darien Gap. 250 miles of jungle and swamp. They had 64 people total in the...
  4. hooligan shmulligan

    95 RRC W/4.2 am I a HIGH?

    Thinking about picking up a Rover with a 4.2 and auto with Trutrac and 4.10s. I don't know shit about Rovers. What am I getting into? It checks a lot of boxes for me since my Montero SAS hasn't gone very far. Sounds the Borg t-case is a weak link. Is a 230 all that it's cracked up to be. The...
  5. GGRR 4555

    CA 99 Land Rover Discovery 1 (needs motor)

    Selling my moderately built Land Rover Disco 1. Needs a motor as the stock one slipped a sleeve. I pulled the motor to diagnose the issue. I have all the parts but recommend an LS Swap. Looking for $4500 obo. Located in SoCal. 99 Disco 1 GBR 4.43 diff gears ARB front air locker Detroit True...
  6. GGRR 4555

    Build D1 for sale (blown Motor)

    Feeler Post. Anybody interested in buying my rover? motor slipped a sleeve and I pulled it out. I have the motor and bits with it. It was a nice and comfortable rig until the motor blew a while ago. Located in SoCal. 4.43 gears from Great Basin Rovers ARB Front Locker, Detroit True Track rear...
  7. GGRR 4555

    Disco 1 Drivetrain for sale?

    I have a Disco 1 that ate the 4.6 motor (slipped sleeves). 4.6 was put in years ago after the 4.0 died of the same ailment. Trans and LT230 are in perfect working order. Does anybody want the drivetrain? What is a fair price I should ask? I am planning to put all GM motor/trans/tcase in it...
  8. Curbkrawler

    Teach Me To Land Rover

    I have always liked Land/Range Rovers but the reliability reputation has always scared me. I know nothing about them other than internet reputation. Don't even know anyone personally who owns one to ask. I have had the bug to buy a new DD/beater and get rid of my shitbox Honda. I drive 30...
  9. GGRR 4555

    I need a Motor

    Anybody have a lead on a healthy 4.0 or 4.6 on the west coast? I don't have the $$$ to pony up on a Turner or AB motor with the sleeves fixed and what not. My rover slipped a sleeve and needs a new heart. Thanks! -Kyle
  10. IowaOffRoad

    Original Rover V8 engine swapping

    I've had thoughts of pulling a Rover V8 from the junkyard for years, converting the engine management to TBI/MPI GM (or even a carb) as a lightweight engine swap option in a light rig (Toyota or similar). There are more than a few of these in the junkyards around here and I like light and...
  11. Defender 90 vs 110

    Hey guys, new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. Had some 4x4s in highschool and college. Chevys and yodas. Thinking I wanted to get something more unique for my next vehicle. Looking at late 80s early 90s Defenders. Wanted to see what’s more desirable the 90s or 110s. Short...
  12. GGRR 4555

    Rover Axle Shaft Upgrade Options

    What are y'all using for upgraded axle shafts? Have you had good luck with them? And, what is your rig setup/wheeling style. I'm planning a Rubicon trail run next summer with my Disco 1 and wouldn't mind having better axle shafts/cv's in it before then. Cheers!
  13. GGRR 4555

    Rover Engine Replacement

    Howdy Folks! The engine in my Discovery 1is starting to have some concerning knock when its cold. I suspect its days are numbered. Here are two questions: 1) Any recommendations on keeping this alive longer? It sounds fine when warm but pretty wicked when cold. 2) Who makes the best...
  14. Kyle

    Musings of a 5.0

    Been picking up 10+ rovers a few times now. On my second one that needs severe engine work. Overheated so bad it melted a piston. N/A 5.0 from a sport.
  15. GGRR 4555

    DIY Discovery Winch Bumper Build

    I made a thing. These are photos of the thing. I like the thing. Look at my thing. :grinpimp: I imagine this style bumper would fit a rang rover too but IDK. I wanted to keep it high and tight. Winch is wired to the dash for controls too, so I could hit the relays and make it clean.
  16. GGRR 4555

    Discovery 1 Cooling Fan Saga

    I was driving home from work the other day and decided to drop my Disco into 4low and run up in the hills. 20 feet up the hill I heard a loud bang that I thought was a rock kicking up into the fender. I backed down the hill and noticed the ground on the hill was wet. I hopped out to find my...
  17. CDA 455 II

    1990 Defender 110 Exoskeleton Questions

    How functional is the exoskeleton of a 1990 Land Rover 110? I don't see any triangulation in the design. I'll assume the points/base of the cage hoops is mounted to a hard point(?). I'm pondering (this week anyway:flipoff2:) on whether to do this on my '94 FS Bronco. BTW; I love the...
  18. GGRR 4555

    Rover V8 performance

    Hey Guys, I picked up a 99 discover 1 that has had a 4.6 swapped in after the original 4.0 died. I checked the numbers on the block and it is indeed a 4.6. The rig was very slow when I bought it. Since then I put 33" tires on it and over geared the hell out of it to try and pick up some...
  19. Locking hun conversion

    Im looking to do the locking hub conversion on my wife rangerover classic, it has the factory 10 spline axles with the drive flanges attached to the stub shaft.The AVM hub kit looks to use a 24 Spline axles without the drive flange.What year and model do I need to source the 24 spline axles from?
  20. A4L7E3X

    1989 Range Rover

    This won't be a build thread as such, but to get the ball rolling in the Land Rover section I thought I might give the quick version of my Rangies journey since I bought it in July 2017. Quick background: I'm a qualified Diesel Mechanic, though working a desk now, so I need some projects to...