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  1. rockmup

    Enclosed car hauler w/ramps

    What sucks, what doesn't ? Links ? Brothers wanting one for his new buggy on 42's so 30' or less. It will live in it when not in use.
  2. rattlewagon

    U Haul Car Hauler

    Anyone got any tips or tricks for these? A friend just got this old U Haul car hauler off market place to haul his 4runner behind his Tacoma locally. The appeal here was a lightweight trailer with surge brakes. Its a mid 90s trailer, with some sort of upgrade done in 2005. 6 lug which is cool...
  3. Honky Lips

    Honkylips crawler hauler project

    Picked up this super clean 1998 Hallmark it has 20 foot of enclosed space and 20 foot of trailer deck with a 5 foot dovetail. Day one after getting a Home was taking everything out of the inside I didn’t want and modifying it. There was a long bench countertop thing that just took up all the...
  4. Opiebennett

    WA 2002 Weekend Warrior SLC 3505 5th wheel toy hauler- $5,000

    2002 Weekend Warrior SLC 3505, 5th wheel toy hauler. 14'8" to first cabinet in the back, 80" between wheel wells, door opening is 7'1" tall. Hauls my pro-mod rock crawler and my XJ cherokee no problem. Triple 5200lb axles, scale weight 10,200lbs with tanks full and no buggy, means actual 5k...
  5. Sleeping in loaded toy hauler?

    I’ve been looking around the web trying to find an answer to this but haven’t been able to. The family is looking to buy an rv in the next year and know that at some point in traveling we will have to boondock at a Walmart or Cracker Barrel or truck stop. Has anyone used the bunk in a toy...
  6. tracyb

    Aluminum frame Kenworth. from log hauler to dump truck?

    wasn't sure the best place to post this... but anyway- customer has a kw he says a 1976. has been a log truck its whole life. tells me its the perfect truck has the walking beam rear, trans, motor, everything he wants in a big rig. thing is he doesn't haul logs anymore, all excavation...
  7. SteerAndStuff

    WY Mini crawler hauler trailer

    Thinking of selling my mini high speed crawler hauler. Works great and tested to over 100mph. Need a traditional flat deck to build a new rig on. Dual brake 7k drop beam axles, 14' deck +4' tongue, deck is 12" off ground, 86" wide. Licensed weight was 1320 but have added center wood deck and...
  8. Kage

    The Mighty Merc - '99 Mountaineer Family Hauler - Cilff Notes

    So Not a fan of the new version of Pirate, and we need some content here! So I copied over the 'cliff note' version of my last build. I'll see if I can find my other build and dump its cliff notes over here as well. Note: the links below dump you back to my site where all the content is as...