1. chumly2071

    Hydraulic knockout punch driver

    Likely a dumb question... I have several Greenlee punches in actual hole sizes (not conduit size, in this case). Greenlee, and some import hyd kits use 3/4-16 threads. Other kits (which I have) use M20-1.5 threaded rams/draw studs. Is there an easy way to use the metric driver with the...
  2. Bench building a family crawler / Sunday driver

    I’m getting to the point where my samurai buggy is too small for my family (wife and 2 boys currently 7 and 4). Samurai only seats 2. My wife wants a jeep but she doesn’t want a raisin’d crimped up rig. 4 door JK would be cool, easy to fit 37s, but then I’m looking at a d60 front. Looking...
  3. paulhead

    CA Yukon Hardcore Locking Hub 19-Spline Driver D44

    19 spline driver for D44 YHC70006 or similar kits I believe. . $50
  4. OK 241C w/ SYE driver drop 32 Spl input

    ‘94 241c drivers side drop w/ 32 spline input. JB conversions 1350 yoke SYE Does not shift to 4wd. 2wd works fine. $450 located in Yukon, OK I currently travel between OKC and Austin, TX weekly I can make a stop if need be.
  5. snivilous

    ATLAS 2 DRIVER DROP 2023-05-12

    Credit to Randall E. from GrabCAD
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