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  1. Slander

    3.4 alt moved to pax side of motor Tuesday question

    So I can't stand having the PS steering on the pax side of the motor on my 3.4, huge pita for running hoses and finding a place for the res IMO. Has anyone ever swapped the location of the alt and ps pump? Tell me how dumb of an idea this is.
  2. blakes

    Taco 3.4 broke air box

    The air box outlet is broken. How to properly fix this with stock parts without breaking the bank? I gorrila glued it a while back, but that didn't hold.
  3. rattlewagon

    "The Blue Truck"

    I have this on other forums, but wanted it here too. The truck has never really had a name expect " The blue truck " I also consider this my learning truck. The welds I did on it in 2010 look way different than the welds I did over the summer. Ive owned this truck since march of 07. Bought it...