1. NorCalJalopy

    CA Wtb 17” 6x5.5 headlocks!

    I want to step up to 37’s and that means stepping up to 17” wheels. Anyone in the northern Cali area that has any used or even new 17” 6x5x5 with a higher negative offset like a traditional “crawler” wheel? I’m seeing some options on fb but would rather support someone off here. Thanks for looking.
  2. HVACrawler

    ID 17" rock rings $25 ea/ obo +s/h

    Bought 4 of these 3/16" x 17" rings. Ended up getting a deal on 15" tires. Ship from Boise ID
  3. WA 17" wheel 5 on 5.5

    I just need one for a spare if anyone in the snohomish Wa area has one laying around. I'll but a cheap set if someone wants to get some out of there way. Its for a 1982 bronco. 17x9 or so 5 on 5.5 wheel. Ideally 4.5 backspace
  4. YotaAtieToo

    17" wheel center source?

    Looking for some of the common "soft 8" centers for a 17" wheel in 8x6.5" to recenter and old set of stazworks. Looks like these I have found a few places selling flat centers, but really don't want to go that route. I thought these wouldn't be hard to fimd, bit so far nothing on google. I...
  5. 17 Ram 3500 winch q's

    2017 Ram 3500 with a Mercenary Offroad front bumper and a Warn M12000. Well...the winch is mounted, but the control pack was going to hit the intercooler. Has anyone relocated the control pack under the hood, then moved the wired remote plug in to an accessible spot? I had to clock the...
  6. snivilous

    40in Hankook DynaPro and 17in Pro Comp Beadlock 2023-05-12

    40in Hankook DynaPro and 17in Pro Comp Beadlock. Forget where I found these, it's two models mated together. The tire was scaled up from a 31 (as the sidewall says).
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