Irate Racing Sponsorship

We love off-road racing and we understand that shit ain’t cheap. Put our Parts Counter to work for you and let us help with that aspect. If there is something you need that you’re not sponsored for we’re here to help make that purchase much easier on your wallet.

Whats in it for you?
  • Deeeep discounts on the parts you need for the racing rig, chase truck or play rig.
  • Premium adspace for your sponsors on the forums. Start a topic and your sponsors logos are listed alongside that thread giving them more visibility and you something to offer future sponsors.
  • A special green checkered flag under your avatar so forum member know you’re a sponsored rig. Helps them follow you …. Nothing creepy.
Whats in it for us?
  • Exposure. Our logos on your rigs and anyplace else you want to put them.
  • One of our own to follow and root for.
How do I get started?
  • Sign up on the forums and message Austin about sponsorship. We’ll need proof you’re active in one of the racing leagues.
  • Start posting in the forums. Introduce yourself, start a build thread about your rig.
  • Once approved, slap some sweet ass irate4x4 stickers on your rig.
  • Be Fucking Awesome
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