Pressure Washer Media Blasters

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    Pressure Washer Media Blasters

    Anyone used one? Are they worth a fuck? Since they took all the good killy chemicals out of paint removers I've been looking into media blasting but my compressor is a little light duty to run a blaster, and the electrical in my garage isn't really there to run a bigger compressor without putting in a bigger service which is $$$ I don't wanna spend. My pressure washer on the other hand isn't limited by a 110v plug plus the dustless aspect would be nice.

    Not looking to do whole cars or anything, set of wheels here and there and smaller stuff for my motorcycle projects.

    Looking at setups like this one from Eastwood

    i've got one, i've only used it once with a little bit of coal slag i had i had. it was just about like that video shows. occasionally had to shake the media feed hose but that was about it.

    it was used on a 4000psi 4gpm pump