Swag Terms of Awesomeness

  • Some things are shipped from Irate4x4, some are printed-on demand. You may get one package in two days and another one in a week.
  • Shipping and logistics sucks balls right now, we’ll get you your stuff ASAP. Trust us we appreciate you sporting our swag.
  • Don’t say ignorant shit about the models and visit their links, say thanks for the pics.
  • Stop chit-chat in the meme thread.
  • You’ll post any TnA shots with the swag you buy. If they are of a dude PM them to Trampy.
  • Don’t do anything stupid or illegal in our swag.
  • When you buy something, make a post in GCC about it and randomly tag @ArTi54N. Don’t say anything about why.
  • If you do social media, tag @irate4x4 in your damn posts.
  • Our legit TOU, that you've already accepted, is a live document and slows down the loading of this page. If you need to revisit what you’ve already sworn you life away to … they are here
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