1973 Travelall 1010 - Slammed Family Cruiser Build.

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    1973 Travelall 1010 - Slammed Family Cruiser Build.

    Figure you fakwers might appreciate my stupidity. Never done an ounce of body work.... So here goes. (porting over from another forum, so may be a little chopped up)

    Well all good build threads start before you even own it right? I have finally settled the internal debate between something stupid and fast or old and slow. Old and slow wins out.

    FB Marketplace is new to me, I have not really used it before. But my browsing got the better of me and I found the next project. A 1973 IH Travelall, IH's answer to the suburban. They are kinda rare, and kinda funky, perfect! 17' long and 6.5' wide, a low revving, low power 392, and bench seats.

    This one is a project that the PO has lost time for, his family has gotten the drag racing bug, and hes letting it go. It's got some goodies, on air ride, all sanded to bare metal on the exterior, all original otherwise, but man is it going to be a huge project. Its coming to my garage Thursday. Only one issue, my garage is full.....

    Without further ado. Teaser pics.

    Needs Shocks still.

    Now for the rust, it was a socal car, but there is a little tiny bit. (Hint there was more hiding....)

    Rear wheel arch

    and above the back door.

    There are literal piles of parts that come with it..... All tagged, hopefully I can figure it out! Everything should be there except a windshield.

    Dash, door cards, trim

    Glass, new wipers and seals.

    Cabinet o goodies.

    Now that there is a deadline I had better make some room in the garage.....My city allows 200sq ft shed wo/ a permit, as long as its not on a foundation or attached to a building. 16x12 works perfect for sheet good and is 192 sq ft. A quick call to my lumber supplier and a assemble yourself a shed kit arrived. I told them I wanted self assembling.... That didn't happen.

    End of evening #1 and I had the floor together.

    Stuck waterproofing membrane to the bottom of the floor sheeting. Figured it couldn't hurt.

    And done.

    Frame and sheet one back wall. Get it stood about halfway up when you realize a 16' wall is stupidly heavy for one person fully sheeted!

    Go on long weekend and remodel childs room for a week and get ZERO done on shed. Crap its coming up quick now. Frame front wall, only put one sheet on this time! Floppier, but much better to lift. One 6' frnech door left over from a work project, and a window.

    Got about 4 hours in on Saturday.... All walls sheeted, 1/3 of the roof joists up. Did 3/4 CDX for a future climbing wall on one side. T111 on the rest. 8' walls in the back 10' in the front. Stupid me shouldn't have ordered 10' t111, do a joint, that stuff turns out to be $$$$$$



      I'm following
      - Buck


        more please.


          Shed has 7/9ths of a roof since apparently I cant count plywood.... And I ran out of underlayment. Window did go in though!

          Garage bay still isn't looking great.....

          I got sent a teaser.....


            Roof (temporary... Underlayment) is on, door is in and adjusted. Garage emptying to commence tonight. I did a quick measure..... I have a lot less width that I thought. Damn boat is in the way..... I did go to the hammer store and get some wheel dollies tho!

            The eagle has landed! And of course it's pouring rain....


              Tucked into the garage!

              Found another rust spot, under the windshield.

              It gets LOW, about 1/2" under the engine cross member. Needs a tie rod drop kit, it will bend the drivers side tie rod if its dumped. Frame contacts it....

              Exterior trim looks to be stainless. Lots if parts piled inside to dig thru. PO said it last ran in 1982, other than he started it once for a second when he got it.


                Got 10 mins in the garage. It's huge I love it.

                It got tagged pretty good at the A pillar at some point. Door is pretty caved, and fender has lots o bondo.

                Poked around for a few minutes yesterday. I need a shop manual. Wiring diagram, vacuum line diagram, uh everything else diagram? Its alllllll taken apart.

                Thoughts on fixing the door and bumper vs trying to find a new one?

                A few interior shots. Lots of parts to dig though..... And so much room for activities!


                  Tried to get a good shot of the rear. Its pretty nice looking, beefy trailing arms, bag mounts and a new panhard. A couple welds look a little cold, but not terrible. Im going to need to nut and bolt the whole thing.... Lots of finger tight, and not quite enough threads on a few bolts. Pretty damn clean underneath.

                  Had a few more minutes yesterday.

                  Scrap from shed made jack stand cribbing.

                  Why must you use such weird ass gas tanks?!

                  Popped the sending unit to look inside.

                  Pretty crusty..... Think it will clean up?

                  Popped the front end apart. No brake hard lines.... And fitting a shock is going to be interesting. Rotor on the drivers side is pretty grooved. Debating replacement.


                    Front end is down to inner fenders and rad support.

                    Found a bit of rot at the battery tray. Cut and will patch it up.

                    A little more on the pass side of the windshiled frame also.

                    Mocked up shocks, should be able to sneak one in here easily. Water bottle for scale A 10" eye to eye shock is just right.

                    Front at full bump

                    The bad fender....


                      Inner skins are cleaned up and painted, minus hood bracket location and the spot I need to patch under the battery tray. Really didn't want to pull the hood, but I think I have too.....

                      Shock locations will work. Hopefully the shocks are up to it, they are pretty small..... They are leaned back a little, but IIRC that decrease the effectiveness a bit. They are Afco "Street Rod" shocks.

                      Fuel tank ordered, I am going with the 18G Ford tank, got a random filler neck that I hope will work also. Dropped TRE's Orderd. Fed Ex and UPS are going to hate me soon.


                        Well that's pretty cool, the original line card! Looks like it's a 3.54 rear end.


                        Made shock mounts, its really tight to fit everything in there. The shock just touches the bag at full bump. But I don't think that will be an issue, as it really wont be driving much at that height.

                        Lower mounts

                        Uppers in the same fashion, I made them extra long. I can drill another hole to bring the top mount down if needed. The shock is at full travel at full droop, and not fully collapsed at full bump, so the top may need to drop a bit to get it more centered at ride height, but I don't quite know where ride height is just yet.

                        Full bump

                        Full droop. (max shock length)

                        Mid range ish. Hopefully that's enough clearnace on everything.


                          Well this arrived. All 1148 pages.

                          However I was REALLY hoping the wiring diagrams would be better.... There is really no color indications on anything. The wiring appears to be in good shape, but a painless harness is looking really good right now.... I really wish I had taken the engine stuff apart. Maybe I can get it worked out though. I think I should just have power to coil, starter signal and oil and temp wires.... They are just all green or black it seems. Connections are all seen here pretty much. The body harness is straight forward.

                          Fuel tank came in! Looks like I need a vent fitting of some sort. And Ford Quick connect fittings for the fuel lines. Assuming I cant just slip past hte "quick connect" crimped ring and hose clamp it.


                            Cool ride, it looks good on bare metal, consider spraying clear and leaving it. I think the trick is to not cut corners under hood or on interior and it'll look clean