Phat kitty, the wife's big rim street brawler

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    Originally posted by SLOWPOKE693 View Post
    I love seeing updates to this thread.
    Glad to hear it Brother! Wait to see the cage work.
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      Originally posted by [486] View Post
      Those chinese 60mm gates coilbind the springs before they're open even 1/2", or at least mine did until I cut and extended the top cap

      def. dump them out atmospheric, putting them back into the exhaust gets complex and you gotta put flex sections in them or they'll cause all sorts of cracking issues from differential heating
      it'll be quiet until they open, if you're running a muffler on the turbine outlet
      Thanks for the insight. I was wondering about that. When i took them apart to inspect them it took some serious compression. We are going to rely on electronic /CO2 boost control. I need to start researching what i will need for a spring! We are all set to dump into the exhaust just before the Catalytic converter. Once i get the front radiator support roughed in the downpipe is next. The cooling fans are super close but from looks of it it all should work out. Merge pipe, flex pipe and all.


        The waste gates dump is done! As mush as I wanted to get critical with the merge it would have been wonky. Its 70 degrees between the two gates with 63mm tubing. I'm happy with the plug access as well. I should be able to turn the tire to full lock and use a long extension.

        Click image for larger version Name:	Resized_20201016_102253.jpg Views:	0 Size:	823.9 KB ID:	164577
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        Click image for larger version Name:	Resized_20201016_102457.jpg Views:	0 Size:	159.5 KB ID:	164579
        Thats with minor trimming of the inner fender.

        For now I'm thinking toward to mount the ignition coils in front of the upper controller arms on the frame.


          This thing is looking great so far!