My new beat up broke down Ram truck

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    Originally posted by TRINDU View Post
    I doubt the bottom end is good to go sitting in a coolant milkshake. Or maybe youre the guy who polishes with emery cloth and bearing slap.

    Good news is you have 3.92s.
    A couple layers of aluminum foil will tighten her right up. Isn't that how everyone adjusts bearing clearance?

    Dipstick was showing mud almost 2 feet up so at least she ain't running dry.

    If it holds compression and oil pressure I could pull some caps and inspect/plastigauge bearings.
    Unfortunately I doubt I'll be so lucky.

    How big a tire can I run with 3.92s?
    Thornbirds still the best in the business?


      So I'm thinking of selling the enduro to help fund this project and free up a little space. I don't want to. I never ride it. Think I can get around 2k for it. I may be way off on that.
      What say you irate rapscallions? I'm torn on the thought.

      It's a 1975 Yamaha dt250. 2,500 miles. Good shape. Click image for larger version
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        I also ordered a book for the transmission incase we go down that road.
        Buy ATSG 46RE 47RE 48RE Transmission Repair Manual (48RE Transmission - 48RE Governor Pressure Solenoid - 48RE Valve Body - Best Repair Book Available!): Automotive - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases


          It's loaded up and on its way to it's new home.
          Going to bring some tools home to help figure out why the fluids are commingled. Click image for larger version
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            Originally posted by Ugly pumpkin View Post

            A couple layers of aluminum foil will tighten her right up. Isn't that how everyone adjusts bearing clearance?

            Beer cans got my cash for clunkers s10 from a trailer in the Walmart parking lot to the Chevy dealership a block away


              She's in the driveway. Pumped up the cooling system to 19 psi. Looked it over for 5 or 10 and it was back down to 0psi. Done for the night.


                With the coolant pressure test not showing anything glaring beside bleeding down and the crankcase full of coolant, what is the next check?

                I'm thinking cylinder leak down test or pull valve covers and pressurize cooling system and look for cracks on top of head leaking coolant.

                Where are these heads known to crack?

                What say you all?


                  Got a minute to drink beer and mess with it last night.
                  Fired it up to get the nose facing the garage. No knocking and factory gauge showed good oil pressure. Who knows how accurate it is.

                  Had coolant dripping out the exhaust at a joint near the y pipe. Previous owner claimed there was coolant in the 2nd cylinder from the front on the driver side so I started there. Hooked up leak down tester, set cylinder to tdc on compression and topped off the radiator. Air blasted out the radiator cap.
                  So I started to tear it apart.

                  also drained the oil. Got about 3 gallons out of her.

                  I think it was kinda hydrolocked when I started it so maybe will find a bent rod or two.

                  The plan is to get the heads off tonight and give everything a good lookin at.
                  Click image for larger version
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                    Pic dump.
                    Click image for larger version
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                      Click image for larger version
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                        Click image for larger version
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                          It was dark and I am tired so I didn't look to close by the time I got the heads off. Only thing I noticed was the driver side head gasket blue paint was apparently burned off the on the head side.

                          Anyone notice anything in the pics? I figured I would see something fairly obvious.



                            Another thing I noticed was the head and intake bolts did not appear new. The gaskets were new. Failed bolts and gaskets?



                              Click image for larger version Name:	Screenshot_20200917-214233.png Views:	0 Size:	1.05 MB ID:	135482 Looks like the water jacket on the right in this pic might either have a crack between it and the combustion chamber, or the gasket failed and was leaking right there. But to have that much water in the oil I think you've got bigger problems than that.


                                that motor has to be wiped out with that amount of coolant in the oil.

                                I gave up a long time ago trying to look at heads to see what is wrong with them.

                                I just send them to the machine shop and let them tell me if they are worth fixing or not.

                                If I was you I would be looking to rebuild that engine or find a replacement one.