Front lunchbox locker for 4 cyl. Mitsubishis

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    Front lunchbox locker for 4 cyl. Mitsubishis

    My first post on this site, thought I'd contribute something useful, so here goes!

    Lokka company out of Australia makes a drop in lunchbox locker for the small four banger front diff. I put one in a friend's '86 2dr a couple years ago. He ordered it direct from down under, took about a week and a half to get it to SoCal. Fit right in, no need to shim it. He says it's been probably the best mod I did for him since he bought the Montero new back in 1985. We mainly do SoCal desert exploring with it. Don't need to beat it nearly as much to get up and over obstacles.

    part number:

    Other mods I did for him that worked well:

    Old Man Emu rear medium weight springs (Great upgrade) Also came direct from Australia, drop shipped by ARB USA. He packs a lot of gear on our trips

    20 gallon plastic YJ Wrangler fuel tank in a home made heavy skid plate. The stock tank was an early casualty, probably only held 12 gallons from all the dents in it. I probably will be adding in a low pressure fuel pump as his truck vapor locks at high altitudes on E-10 gas if we are over 6000 feet. If I had to do it all over, Instead of making the heavy skid plate to hold a stock YJ tank, I would just make a whole new gas tank, probably could be close to 25 gallons in pretty much the same amount of space.

    Swapped in a stock limited slip. (Made a big difference, too)

    Cranked front torsion bars and cut the bumpstops. He runs 31" Goodyear mud terrains.

    Added stock junkyard A/C.

    Changed the maniverter cat-con to the later style exhaust manifold, AIR tube, heat shield and headpipe with a regular converter. So far it's passed emissions tests. They don't look too close, it runs clean.

    Clearwater non MCA jet head. It had cracked three stock heads before, this one is lasting longer, so far. Tailpipe readings and fuel economy unchanged.