Wtt: M151 at auction site

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    Wtt: M151 at auction site

    Just spotted this figure someone here might want one.

    AT least it looks like a M151 to me, maybe not an M151 A2.

    FYI: in the past DOD has attempted to apprehend these vehicles in the past when they were accidentally sold to civilians.

    This one is from an wikipedia site talking about the history of them.


    Below is the vehicle in said auction that ends on the 9th of july 2020.

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    Do these ever go up for sale?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20180524_115507.jpg Views:	0 Size:	204.4 KB ID:	61619 Click image for larger version  Name:	20180524_115458.jpg Views:	0 Size:	216.8 KB ID:	61620
    No clue what it is, but it was bad ass. It had trailing arms, coilover shocks, Walker Evans wheels, BFG Krawlers and a Spidertrax fabricated rear axle housing.
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      Yes with if i identified the vehicle correctly I hust saw one of those on a govplanet website, starting at 5K.

      I think those things are called a growler or something like that.

      But maybe not, the growler might be one of the latest jeep size military toys.

      The vehicle on the trailer looks longer.



        Found some more pics but not much info.....

        Click image for larger version
Name:	Polaris-Defense-DAGOR-TESTING-2.jpg
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Size:	149.4 KB
ID:	61639 Click image for larger version
Name:	Polaris-Defense-DAGOR-TESTING-1.jpg
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ID:	61638 Click image for larger version
Name:	20563516.jpg
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ID:	61640


          Looks like a hummmer with a stronger hood.

          Wasnt seeing the pics good earlier was in bright sunlight outdoors.


            Definitely not a hummer. It has an IFS front and a solid axle trailing arm suspension in the rear, much smaller as well. Cool as fuck!

            The little info I found about it suggests its a special ops vehicle and possibly built by Polaris.
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              Ill keep my eyes open for it on the auction sites..

              Looks expensive!!


                Its a Polaris DAGOR. Apparently the one I took a picture of early last year was a prototype used for testing. The article linked below says the military is looking to purchase these in the 2020-2024 fiscal year. I guess we won't be seeing them at surplus auctions anytime soon.