WTK: drive train questions

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    WTK: drive train questions

    Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case ?

    What combinations are good ?

    I almost pulled the trigger on a 4 speed truck D98 was it on Private4x4.com but it was in the area of 5 bones damn....

    At this moment it has a V6 buick engine with a 18 i think 3 speed transmission and a D18 transfer case.

    Was thinking of using a sm465 into a fig8 np205 driver drop.

    With its current engine im sure it might be another bellhousing however.

    Ideas i need as it dont look like its selling.

    Im thinking to stay in the V6 area so a chevy or the buick V6 thats already there and a sm465 or other 4 speed transmission with a short shaft to mate with a long 32 spline input shaft on a figure 8 np205.

    Ive been thinking what to build to toss this combination into.

    Just need the 5.5 stickout main shaft for the transmission.

    Well thats the idea and i know im a pitbull about it sorry its my nature.
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    How do you plan on fig8 205 into a driver drop?
    Why would you driver drop a cj in the first place?
    Stop wasting time and effort on that non existant 465 main shaft. Novak 32spl and d300 kits.



      I would use what I have and I have the fig 8 np205.

      Why would i use a D300 when I dont own a D300.
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        You d18 is NOT a drivers drop
        You do NOT have a driver drop fig8 205, in fact no one has one.
        You do NOT have 5.5 output shaft either but you insist on getting one when you could buy the 465/kit/d300 and save $500 and get a shorter drivetrain


          No I have a passenger drop, both the old D18 and my NP205s are passenger drop.

          A good idea or not its my plan.


            I suppose a 4bt is out...

            Too heavy maybe ?

            I thought about a Big block chevy and a small block Chevy those seemed too much so either the chevy v6 or the Buick v6 thats now in it.


              ".......a D18 transfer case.

              Was thinking of using a sm465 into a fig8 np205 driver drop.

              With its current engine im sure it m......"

              Just going with what you said .

              Buick v6 or early 4.3gm are no adapter combos.

              As for a 454 or a 4bt.....the fuck dude, the fuck.


                Ok just thinking outloud.

                A v6 is fine just unsure which one to go with.

                And about the driver drop I dont know where that came from as all of the 205's i own are passenger drop but I thought I was going to purchase a driver drop for my parts gathering capability if I ever put a 205 into one of my 07 Chevy trucks.

                It would be a 4L80E to driver drop NP205.

                But thats way down the line.
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