DJ5, Tons, Fodees.

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    DJ5, Tons, Fodees.

    3 years ago I was bored of my Cherokee buggy (will post some pics of her later) Friend of mine has a line on newer 14b and Snowfighter 60 for $1500. I let the guy sit on them for a while. I ended up scoring the axles already cleaned up with some links for $1000.

    Few weeks later stumble upon a set of 42” Iroks and Stazworks wheels for $1200.

    Has them laying around for a few weeks, tossed around the idea of just gluing them under my Cherokee but had the itch to do a full new build.

    Scoured CL for a cheap CJ7 or YJ, ended up finding a 74 DJ5 for $400 with title.
    Brought it home and started eyeing everything up.

    Tossed the factory frame and running gear. Built a copyish frame of the factory out of 2x3 3/16.

    The plan was to keep it low as possible. The grille was too tall and would have hit the ram mount at what I wanted to be full bump.

    I ended up sectioning 5” out of the grille and it got me to where I wanted to be.

    After getting wheelbase and ride height about where I wanted it I started on setting up the links.

    The old lady for comparison on the sweet poser flex and a broken engine hoist cycling everything. Everything worked out and I was happy with it.

    Sourced up a newer non vortec SBC 350 for $400. After about 10 times of the tub on and off the motor was set where it was happy.

    I officially had a roller.

    Later sourced up a TH400 and D300 on the cheap. Weather started getting cold and pulled her into the garage at my dads place. Started working on getting the ORIs mounted.

    After hitting a building block and a few nights of staring at it. I decided I wanted to chop the windshield. My old man being the old school body guy he is suggested I don’t chop the frame itself and lose visibility. Instead section the frame where it meets the cowl/top of the dash. I was able to keep it he full size window frame but drop it down 4”.

    Happy with that it was time to start the cage.


      Got most of the cage work and heavy fab finished and up around spring time and the old lady found a place that had a garage. We loaded up the Jeep and within the last half mile of the transport I had a strap break.


      That was exciting to say the least, got her back on the trailer and finally home.

      Got to the sheet metal work, floors dash and center console.

      Finished sheet metal and pulled the trigger on a set of rear ORIs, waited 8 months for them to show up an piddled around with some little shit on the Jeep. It was pretty much on the back burner.

      ORIs finally showed up and got to mocking them.

      First mounting attempt was a no go. I thought I had way less backspace on my Stazworks. Tires got into them pretty quick.

      I ended up moving the lower mount from the axle tube back and down onto the truss, that gave me enough room to drop the tops closer to the tub and gave me my proper clearance.


        Pushed her outside to have a look, this was the first time it was supporting its own weight on all four corners.


          Wrapped up the center console shifters and cutter brake. Still need to add gauges and switch panels.

          Once the interior was done I fiddled with the bay. Mounting MC and pedals, propane regulator battery box and the like.

          The inner fenders were a nightmare. I scrapped quite a bit of oil board before my old lady decided to step in and help out. Got the template figured out and threw the ally sheet in the brake.

          Sourced a H.D. rear output for the D300 only to find out its for a short tail after getting it back together.


            That brings it to now. Waiting for parts for the front axle. I ordered up some 35spl outers from a made in China eBay gear supply store. They look decent in the machine and finish department, however I doubt they are as strong as advertised. We will see, they were cheap and RCVs are in the plan later on down the road.

            Started to work on my flat belly, or almost flat, trans pan hangs about 1/2” lower than the frame rail. Hindsight I should have made the drop in the center of the frame a bit longer. I’ll post updates as I get it going and as more parts start to show up.


              Fiddled around today. Got some spicer joints partial KP rebuilds, (lower bearing and race upper and lower seals) and stub/spindle seals from ECGS.

              The made in China 35spl stubs took the joints 100% better than I expected them to.


                Spent the last few days balls deep in old grease doing new king pins, bearings and seals. Pain in the ass. Minus brake lines the front axle is finally done.


                  Knocked out brake lines today. One fucking line nut short of finishing the whole system.

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                    Got my D300 output and a few other misc parts.

                    Decided to pull the motor and clean up and prep the bay.

                    Gonna drop the block off at the machine shop and my D300 bearing retainer at the other machine shop this week.


                      So while my block is at the machine shop getting freshened up I got a Sterling 10.25 and D50 dropped off at my place for a gear install.

                      A Jeep chassis 8 42s and 4 one tons sure takes up a lot of space in a 1 1/2 car garage.


                        Got my block back from the machine shop, finally got to get all the parts I’ve had laying around into one spot haha.

                        Really hoping that my propane regulator isn’t a choke point for this motor. I’d really not like having to go to a Sniper system.


                          So got the motor the rest of the way together and tucked into the bay.

                          Hooked up the pane and fired it up and ran her at 2500rpms as per comp cams recommendation. No major issues other than running on 7 cylinders due to a piss poor HEI cap.


                            After having broke in the motor I came up with a crude drawing for my hydro plumbing.

                            Graphic design is not one of my strong points.

                            Picked up my front D300 output from the machine shop. Had to be opened up for the larger OD bearing. Still waiting on Novak to send me my rear output so I can hook up the TC and run the trans.


                              So after 2 days of tweaking and tuning, propane is out. My mixer just won’t flow enough for the worked over 5.7.

                              Summit EFI, the Holley Sniper knock-off, is replacing the pane.

                              And $1000 later hopefully she’ll bark now.