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Once a Postal 67 800 Build

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    Once a Postal 67 800 Build

    This is the build of my 67 800 we got for free. The original drivetrain and all the postal specific parts had been removed, but it had a good frame and a rust free body and that was all I really planned on using anyways.

    The plan:
    Junkyard 5.3 out of a 2003 silverado


    NP241c with Tom Woods SYE

    92 F-350 Dana 60 Narrowed 5 inches with 4.10 gears

    89 14 Bolt with c&c hubs and 4.10 gears

    Radius Arms and 18 inch coilovers on the front

    4-Link and 14 inch coilovers in the rear

    Jeep ZJ steering box with Barnes TRE flip

    The truck had been hit in the front passenger corner at some point, and the core support was from two different trucks. I decided to get rid of it as it fell apart as I pulled it out as it had been welded poorly. I plan on tuning the frontend at some point. This will also make it easier to package shocks, and fit the engine in.


      For the engine and tranny I am using a junkyard 5.3 and nv3500. In order to make them fit without taking out the firewall and getting different headers I moved the front crossmember to the front of the frame and it was able to fit nicely.


        The engine mounts were easy once I had the engine where I think it works best I positioned these frameside brackets on the frame, then used a bushing from rough stuff in them to some engine plates from barnes in order to mount the engine.