MochaMike's Scout 80 Build Thread

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    MochaMike's Scout 80 Build Thread

    This might take a while and I will be adding stuff at random and possibly out of order.

    I got "Green Bean" (1962 IH Scout 80) for Fathers day 15+ years ago.
    It was my wife's cousin and it had been in storage for 20+ years.
    When I got it:
    SOA D27s
    SBC350 Swapped in, but not completed..... no coolant lines & misc knick-knacks.
    M21 with a D20

    I didn't know much about wheeling, fabricating, or much even about cars/trucks aside from basic tune-ups and brake jobs.

    I will post up some progress of the my first conversion, or technically the 2nd build of this vehicle, then my 3rd.

    As she looked when I first got her home:
    Click image for larger version
Name:	Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 10.52.46 AM.png
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    Click image for larger version
Name:	Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 11.01.56 AM.png
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    D27 SOA
    Click image for larger version
Name:	Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 11.01.08 AM.png
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Name:	Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 11.01.22 AM.png
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    Is this the current build. Or is this the one you have been wheeling, and just moving the build thread over?


      Moving over.

      just need to find/organize pics & find time to post


        Looks a tad different now...
        83, 22re,w56,ultimate duals,4:10 \31" arbs.
        hopes to grow up someday


          Originally posted by Clb View Post
          Looks a tad different now...
          Yes, much different.
          Been super busy, and will post up random progress from over the years.

          First Build (will post up pics and stories later) was:
          350SBC, SM465, D18, Waggy D44s, 4.88s, Spool rear, Detroit front., 35" BFGs
          Fabbed: bumpers , sliders,& tire carrier, replaced chunks of floor,
          YJ leaf springs (BDS 2.5") SOA, high-steer, etc, 2 person cage, Toyota MR2 seats & harnesses, rock lights.
          Started with Rochester 2 barrel carb, then Edelbrock 4 barrel with offroad & jet kit (better, but sucked), then went propane.

          Second Build will post up pics and stories later)
          new to me 350SBC (on propane), SM465, NP241/NP205 Doubler (DND box for rocks), F&R D60s, 4.88s, Spool/Detroit, Griffin radiator, high output alt.
          Front is Chevy center section w/Ford outers, broke a knuckle, went with Reids, Rear is a D60U (disc brake stock), swapped in 35 spline shafts, long Bilstein shocks, CO2 tank for air,
          Eventually added: removed bulk head, rear end to the cage, hydro assist & then a PSC pump, electric fans,
          NP205 is a Ford that was flipped & modified to run shifters out the rear of the case, required modification of frame & floor,
          58" Ford F150 rear springs front & rear (offset pin), added anti wrap bar, shackle reversal with sliders instead of
          37" Krawlers, on H2 rims, with Staun/Coyote internal Beadlocks, eventually welded on rim stiffeners,
          On board shower, made 2 speed Taurus fan automatic on low (via temp), with option for manual high or off (for water crossings),
          M8000 winch mounted behind front bumper, light bar , led rock lights.

          Latest build is same as above (been sitting for a few years after tires wore out).
          Just got some new to me 39" Sticky Krawlers with plenty of tread.
          New harnesses thanks to Frank the Tank.

          Things on my list:
          AIr compressor & tank,
          Rework front suspension: Either new hangers & sliders, hangers & shackles (slider rock, but got bent), or dream of coil overs,
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