120mm server fan to cool me, not the buggy?

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    120mm server fan to cool me, not the buggy?

    Looking for some airflow in the buggy. Most of the cigarette lighter plug in fans seem meh at best. I've seen some 200/240 cfm 120mm server fans on youtube that appear to push some air. They seem to be loud as hell though, not a big deal. Anyone familiar or have a better suggestion?
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    Link to the 200/240 cfm fans?

    Depending on mounting area and depth, maybe mount something like this

    with a couple of cushion clamps?

    Check out this for cage mounted fan idea:


      I saw this on Race-Dezert a while back.


      Marine blower (typically used to evacuate fumes from the engine compartment) $50, 200+cfm. They were putting a filter on it and using it to slightly pressurize the cab to keep the dust out.

      You could use the same fan and blow clean air to a couple strategically placed ducts (pointed at your balls) to keep it cooler in your buggy.



        those ducting fans don't really blow a very directed stream of air, without at least a short bit of ducting down stream of them. At least the one I have doesn't.

        In my Willys I use a metal dash fan from a school bus. It's decent. But I mostly chose that one because it's pretty rugged, and already 12v.
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          Check out Detmar blowers. Work great and cheap.


            I'd think some regular automotive blower motor with housing will be plenty, and quieter.


              Truckers use these. 2-speed, moves a lot of air, pulls 3 amps on high, ball/socket mount. I don't remember the brand, but it looks like there are a lot of shitty Walmart versions too.

              Click image for larger version
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