1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd build

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    1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd build

    Ongoing build of my 1972 Ford F-250 Explorer. I'm too lazy to provide full back history/thread re-hash so .
    You can guess where to find what happened up to this point. So a quick over view:

    Old school looking 4x4 with modern capabilities. Since most miles will be pavement and dirt roads to/from wheeling areas, I want it to handle and ride decent. I live in the desert so terrain is rocks, washes, sand. Needs to be able to haul/tow and not just look cool in gym/mall parking lots. Low as possible to fit 40s. Loud pipes and audio system. Use for camping, hunting, burnouts, and general shenanigans.

    The high level plan;
    -460; 9.25:1, ported heads, 213/227-0.550 cam, Holley EFI. 425hp/525tq. 500/650 with a whiff of nitrous.
    -C6 built for above with higher stall converter.
    -NP205, married to C6, twin sticked
    -D60, ‘94 BJ, discs, spartan locker
    -10.25 Sterling LS 4.10
    -Front: Custom radius arm, Fox coilovers
    -Rear: Cheby 63s, Fox 2.0, traction bar
    -cross-over steering, 1T TRE
    -40x13.50-17 Toyo MTs
    -relocate fuel tank, new fuel system
    -upgraded electrical system.

    Trying to keep budget reasonable.

    Starting point. 390 gas hog with all the usual half broken stuff.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	attachment.php?attachmentid=214100&d=1501528159.jpg Views:	0 Size:	322.3 KB ID:	49950

    Drank beer and took stuff apart until I got to this point
    Click image for larger version  Name:	ACtC-3cgzZh8fJV26XDRvV44oX8jTBEq9UfH-I6UeSAuYijQK9wXuYIsRzLRJl6gM53J2HlFFA63Uym-NNQtt82X3bJdiIjrX8yjwzCjbRe-sdf7O9IuuBhDUTOrGjBs8tpnQT-gEgnE2UaAMwo1QJzaRtBn=w972-h729-no?authuser=0.jpg Views:	0 Size:	161.7 KB ID:	49951

    Urinated away a bunch of cash to get to here
    Click image for larger version  Name:	ACtC-3f51DYRXg7O0SKO2Pq7B8mOVNzobHST0Y-aEDHuBw3iYDXYo3V8HwkNaMqwTnJ4KsNMs4fWBx5Y_fPDfTJUE3JLCyyLYgBCtUfOsqkiaVREynLcfV5NAmHF3wkcpJ8_QBtXWcX6U7019sVYKMEbSOeI=w972-h729-no?authuser=0.jpg Views:	0 Size:	203.9 KB ID:	49952
    Click image for larger version  Name:	ACtC-3cB8sOoPzDbec_T2hvR_r40c-jy6FPj3j3DJuHHKLMVPoHkBV8n2kVmFkqyWAw4cZeL8o-BBxXyWbEW_Qra6q4ieoVxRGHI9GXn5G5M7w24Zd0tZTyeERTlC4IehQhOPOR4gw-MiZwIj3DY8o2YtZ-t=w972-h729-no?authuser=0.jpg Views:	0 Size:	190.6 KB ID:	49953
    Oh, and
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    1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25

    Rebuilt the transmission kick down bracket to improve cable alignment and add a throttle return spring attachment. Cut up the old and extended it. I wanted to be able to adjust spring pre-load, so I drilled and taped a piece of solid rod and milled a flat for mounting on the bracket. Cut the head off a bolt and cross drilled for the dual springs.

    Also added an analog fuel pressure gauge
    1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


      Decided to go ahead and upgrade alternator while I am redoing the entire electrical system. The externally regulated 55A unit is noisy and under sized for winching duties.
      Went with a large case 3G unit rated at 240A. Non-single wire, so can run sense wire to battery. This way the ECU reports the commanded voltage regulator voltage. When winching the alt is current limited so doesn't matter much were sense wire is, it will just rail field current trying to regulate. I hope that I can deliver around 150A@ 9V to the winch itself with this setup using 2 Ga wiring.
      My boat has a GM based self-excited alt, and you have to rev it up to get it to charge once warm, don't like that.

      The large case 3G is physically larger so the mounting brackets needed some mods. I cut a wedge out of the lower slotted bracket to align the arc and center in the adjustment range. The pulley ratio is 8/2-5/8 = ~3, which is fairly high given the big crank pulley. This allows 2000 alt rpm at engine idle speed of 650 and should make 100A. At 5500 engine rpm, alt is around 16k which is about max for this type.

      The axial alignment was sightly off with the spacer I made for the old alternator, so I cut 50 thou off. I had to use washers to space the bracket for the old, now everything fits properly with no spacers.
      1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


        Since I'm deep in electrical mods, the time seemed right to address the instrumentation. I'm cheap but my better half thought a Dakota digital VHX analog gauge set would make a nice father day gift. Not convinced I'm worth it, but it does solve some issues and offset some cost.
        I need reliable, accurate gauges for my new motor to be run hard in the middle of nowhere. I've repaired the factory gauges a few times now and would not consider them robust or accurate given no actual values on the faces. So I needed get the following anyhow:
        -oil pressure
        -water temp
        -trans temp
        -fuel for GM sender
        The VHX system can support all this plus a tach, and is expandable. Can add up to 16 more data channels that can be displaced on little LCD. I added a temp channel for the transmission. The fuel gauge is programmable so can connect directly to in tank sender plus calibration.
        But can't put the new panel in the old bezel. All chrome was gone from 48 years of UV, now just yellow plastic.

        I masked and painted black and grey. Came out OK.

        Goods arrived and test fit. 2 and 3 wire diff sensors and PHX style removable connectors. Can ditch mech speedo cable plus calibrate. Into the 21 century now.
        1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


          Started into mod and repairs on factory harness. Uses as an excuse to upgrade my wiring quality and tooling.
          -a pair of new Kline strippers for 10 to 30 ga.
          -Weather pack assortment from 1 to 5 pin and a crimper
          -heatshrink crimp connector kit with crimper
          -adhesive cloth and non-adhesive vinyl harness wraps
          -12 different colors of quality 18 ga copper wire spools.

          I printed 1972 schematic to identify and plan mods. Going to add a 6 fuse/6 relay power block under the hood for the various needs. The factory harness will do only lighting, wipers, cigar. Instrumentation, ignition and HVAC will have their own harnesses that integrate with connectors so each piece is removable.
          1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25




              Originally posted by rockota View Post
              Didn't know I was delinquent, but made the move.
              1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


                With distribution block re-orientated, I re-bent the output lines to match up. Much cleaner. I tried to position the block inside the frame as best possible in case the front drive shaft u-joint fails and the shaft flops all over wrecking things. It should never come up high enough to get inside frame, but you never know.

                Committed to the front brake hose locations. Finish welded, painted. The brake system is almost complete. Just need to hook up pedal, tighten all fittings, bleed and check for leaks.
                1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


                  I'm glad you started a thread here. I had been following the other thread, and am impressed with your work.
                  I like the old bumpsides.


                    Originally posted by 72Pstroke View Post
                    I'm glad you started a thread here. I had been following the other thread, and am impressed with your work.
                    I like the old bumpsides.
                    Thanks man. It's slow going but I hope to fire this thing up by the end of the year.
                    1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


                      Glad you made it over


                        Originally posted by Projectjunkie View Post
                        Glad you made it over
                        It was time...

                        Put in the new dash to see how it looks. The face isn't curved like the original but it looks good. Happy enough with rattle can job on bezel.

                        The truck had a CB radio mic bracket on the ash tray, so I re-purposed to hold the Holley EFI monitor. Machined a bolt head to pop on and off easy. Plan to not need this display one motor had some miles on it.
                        1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


                          Added bung for 02 sensor into left bank exhaust pipe. Drilled a bung hole Bevis would be proud of. Used the lathe to turn down a shoulder on the bung to fit a 7/8 hole.

                          Mig welded in and paint touched up.

                          Picked a spot that would allow a more vertical orientation and out of the way of other stuff.
                          1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


                            Got the bed put on the chassis. Used the 2 post lift to install.

                            The toolbox interfered with the relocated front spring hanger, so had to remove it for now. Plan to use the toolbox but will have to section and modify to fit. The wheel well is too small for these tires, and needs to be modified to get full up-travel. I want to keep the wheel well lip, not just hack a bigger hole. The toolbox was in the way anyhow.

                            Need to move the top of the wheel opening up to match the inner wheel well. This will inherently make the bottom wider, so may shrink toolbox opening as needed.

                            Tailgate is at 41.5". would like to lower this but have to do sheet metal work first.

                            With most of body on, the relation of the various parts below frame can be seen. No plan for heavy skid plate. Break-over angle is decent for 133" WB. Driveshafts will follow link bars.
                            1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


                              Dang man... this is my favorite build thread right now. Primarily because theres a bunch of older Fords in the fam I really need to tear into and get fixed in the near future. Your workmanship kicks butt.