White Rhino - Ranger

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    White Rhino - Ranger

    This build is a continuation of my original build started in 2003 and it has evolved over the years. The original thread at the link below has 326,000 views.

    Original first post:
    Well I've been getting alot of Pm's with questions about my ranger so i decided to finally post up my build up. It all started off with a $400 88 ranger STX regular cab long bed. I lifted it 6"s upgraded the axles a little then i met some new buddys that all have crawlers. So i decided to ditch the TTB front for a HP full width Dana 44. I bought a 44 off of craigslist for $200 with all the cast wedges on it. I was going to run them with stock radius arms, bushings, and coils but i decided i wanted to flex a lot more than that. I Plated the stock arms grinded them down so i could sleave them with 2" 1/4 wall DOM extended them around a foot and got currie HD johnny joints. made the cross member/t-case skid in a few hours got pre-bent Blue torch 1 3/4 DOM shock hoops welded all that crap on. I got a great deal on 14" 2.0 fox air shocks so i was pretty much ready to flex. I scored a massive deal on 8 lug outers/ 5.13's/detroit/ recentered H1 double beadlocks/6 38" TSL radials half tread/high steer/ heimed dom tierod/ Eaton 14 bolt rear end with disk brake conversion with 5.13s and lincoln locked all for around $1200 I decided to stick with leafs in the rear and picked up some 63" chevys for $50 and inboarded them and made some shackles.

    Update As of 6/23/2020:

    Current Specs:

    88 Reg Cab Ranger Frame
    90 Extendo Cab
    2.9 Liter V-6 (fancy)
    Rear radiator

    Mitu Trans 5-speed
    Stubler Doubler BW1350-1354

    Front End:

    88 High Pinion King Pin 60, 5.13's, Welded, Plated Knuckles, HighSteer, 35 Spline Yukons with Yukon Hubs
    3 Link up front (2" .25wall DOM with 1.25" Heims for links and panhard.
    2.5" SAW Airshocks with Tri-Nitrate Coated Shafts
    PSC Full hydro. Double ended ram, P Pump

    Rear End:

    63" Chevy Springs, Redrilled
    Eaton H072 with Discs. Shaved/Trussed/Modified housing, welded, 5.14s

    Cage/Tube Work:

    Full Exo around Cab, all of the tubing is 1.75" .120wall DOM.


    44" Pitbull Rockers
    Performace Cryogenics Recentered H1 Wheels, Trailworthy Fab PVC Inserts

    the beginning:

    the mud days:

    went to the early 90's front clip:

    Then 1 Tons 44" Pitbulls etc.

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    Recent 2020 Updates:

    After about 7 years of sitting in my friends field the old Ranger needed some love. I moved to Texas in 2019 and finally had it shipped out. My buddy Mario cleaned her up for me and added the front clip.

    So I was tired of the exhaust poisoning me from the holes I cut in the floor for the cab swap, on a regular cab frame. I got a little happy with the sawzall, but my plan is not to basically raise the floor boards in the open areas below, to make it easier to work on. This will also set me up for either flat bellying or an inevitable V8/Atlas combo in the future. I'll also be redoing the janky shifters while I am at it.

    The interior has always been annoying to me as I used to work on everyone else's crap and never my own so I didn't bother doing anything inside. My plan was to start at the back of the cab and work my way forward. Access panels will be added in the shifter area and also by the top t-case support. The t-case shifters have always been a pain and the front case was usually stuck in low due to the stock shifter set up. Once all of this is done, I'll work on making a dash and after that working on the wiring. I picked up a 12voltguy panel on FB marketplace a few months back, but I am very colorblind so we will see how it goes.

    Cut out the old rusty dash tube and cleaned it up. Plated each side of the cab and remounted it.

    welded the cab to the cage because fuck it.

    Test drive was successful although drive flanges on concrete suck



      The clean up continues:

      Lighting and sound deadening added

      The front axle was in decent shape, but I pulled it apart to rebuild. No cracks or sign of any stress on the plated knuckles

      Decided to paint the cab and wheels:


        Following this build for awhile. Glad it's still going.


          note.....this build is based on the best thing that ever happened to the known universe. everything else is for the gheys. except pro.
          88 ranger extended cab hack job pos. with captain cave pig diesel technology. ridin on 60's. with whatever the fawk tire is needed. and stuff.


            Originally posted by bobbywalter View Post
            note.....this build is based on the best thing that ever happened to the known universe. everything else is for the gheys. except pro.
            Thank you sir


              Paint and clean up is pretty much done. I just need to paint the cage/tubing.


                I really enjoyed watching this build. Glad it made it over here


                  1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25



                    Looks killer! Great job breathing new life into this build.


                      Thanks guys


                        Whoa! Talk about a blast from the past. Enjoyed seeing this post and the updates, keep on keepin' on