02 Dakota QuadCab 4x440x40s

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    02 Dakota QuadCab 4x440x40s

    ...02 Dakota 4x4x440x4spx4spx40s n stuff... - and now back to our irregularly scheduled program -

    finished installing the tanks, complete with their new sending units. The original sending units were not going to do the j.o.b. so Wayne milled a pair of aluminum pucks the same basic dimensions as the OE sending unit tops. Then with a bunch of hardware from Tanks.inc, some brass fittings and aviation sealant #3 everything is bolted/sealed up for the long haul. A nice bonus was scoring brand new OE sending unit rubber seals from the dealer for less than online. All I need now is 48 gallons of go-go juice 🤣

    main tank sending unit -

    aux unit -

    new OE seals -

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    ...things are gonna get toasty under there and I figured I'd better try to mitigate any potential meltage now. Wrapped the muffler with a DEI wrap kit, wrapped the twin inlet tubes with header wrap, and DEI peel-n-stick heat insulation directly on the tanks -

    and now that there's nothing more to work on underneath there...on goes the big up-armored belly cradle -

    the bash bars will protect the back halves of the tanks - I just haven't finished them yet...

    so...that's where it's at - slow progress...but sure progress 👍


      Nice to see the build here. Thanks! 👍
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        Originally posted by Elwenil View Post
        Nice to see the build here. Thanks! 👍
        Hey! I know you guys!


          ...reinforced what seemed to be a couple more potential crumple zones in the frame - at least they look like crumple zones...or used to -

          before -

          after -

          before -

          after - and this one happens to be right where the gearbox will bolt up so, bonus


            alright - finally got the engine all buttoned up. Oil pans aren't made from the thickest metal and the chin of big 8-quart Milodon unit I'm using hangs down a bit and I wanted a little somethin' extra down there to help prevent 'unauthorized access' from rogue rocks, logs, Jeeps, etc., so I fabbed up an armored base from 3/16 plate and welded it to the bottom of the pan. Used a deathwheel as my 'poor mans' brake' to scour the fold lines, made the bend(s), and welded back solid - worked great.

            ...went with this sweet double-side o-ringed windage tray (Summit G-2339) to seal things up (hope it works as good as it looks) and studded the bolt holes -

            the d-side front corner of the pan was 'close' to the webbing on the D60 axle so I sectioned off the corner just for good measure...

            Next - time to put this dude where it belongs...
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              alright - starting' to look like something

              Engine's in, and front suspension/axle are in -

              Front 60 is all buttoned up and ready to rock, complete with Dana/Spicer 5.38s, Grizzly Locker, Reid knuckles, RCV shafts, Speed House GM brake conversion brackets, Yukon spindles, Warn hubs, and a Crane cover with LubeLocker gasket -

              These things are pretty cool to work with -

              Welded some armor to the lower kingpin caps hoping to keep from ripping off the zerts -

              The GM rotors fit over the Ford hubs from the outside and the wheel holds them in place (OE Ford rotors are held in place on the inside by the wheel studs), and in order for the GM rotors to clear the Ford hubs the outer diameter of the hubs had to be machined down a bit as did the centering race at the WMS. Fortunately Ben was able to chuck up the hubs in his lathe and turn 'em for me, and another nice perk was the fact that the OE GM wheel studs press right into the original Ford holes, so now all the wheel studs are all from the same '02 GM 2500

              Speaking of grease, RCV has their own grease, and for the rest I started using Lucas Mining and Construction grease with Moly, which the company says is also good for high-speed/high/heat wheel bearings (disc brake systems), and it's ideal for all metal-to-metal contact points like tie rods and suspension joints, so now all I have to carry is one type of grease


                Very cool. HP specs on the engine? Why front leafs?

                I love it.


                  Cool build.
                  1972 F-250 2wd to 4wd conversion - 460/C6/205, D60/10.25


                    Originally posted by montrose818 View Post

                    Very cool. HP specs on the engine? Why front leafs?
                    the engine is pretty much just a fresh stock RV rebuild - lotsa torque and reliability, with some modern updates - don't really need a lot of hp. I like how leafs 'perform' - they just work and are predictable, and great for driving on the street, which this truck will see a lot of.


                    decided to go with a high-steer kit from Ballistic Fab, and I'm now working on finishing the exhaust and other chassis items in preps for dropping the body on for the last time.

                    p-side -

                    d-side -

                    PSC did their rebuild/ram-assist voodoo on a Scout II gearbox, and this is more or less where it will be going -