2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Megacab Cummins 4x4, CO

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    CO 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Megacab Cummins 4x4, CO

    For sale - very nice 2006 Ram 2500 SLT Megacab, Cummins/auto 4x4 - $17,000 to Irate members.

    Very clean and dependable 06 Cummins Ram 2500 MegaCab 4x4. The truck runs perfect and has nice recent maintenance. Our family is growing and so is our need for a bigger travel camper, and the camper we picked up is pretty big...and to ease our minds we've located a dually we'd like, so our truck is for sale. Never chipped, never deleted - all OE.

    We bought the truck in 2019 with 216k on the clock and it ran really excellent and pulled our 24' travel camper with ease, has 221k now. It has never been chipped or deleted - factory OE under the hood, and as expected had tons of smooth power and torque. It was very well maintained before we got it (one of the main reasons why we got it), and just a few months ago we thought it was maybe a little noisy under the hood so we took it to Pueblo Diesel Injection to have it checked out. One of the cylinders was a little low on power, and sure enough the shop found a worn injector. To keep the engine in prime condition we had the shop install 6 brand new OEM Bosch injectors - not reman'd, along with new injector feed tubes, gaskets, and a fresh valve adjustment - $4500 worth of brand new hardware, with receipts to show all the work.

    Since the injectors were being replaced it was also a perfect opportunity to do a compression test, and as expected all 6 cylinders are spot on (we just like to 'know'), and it has no blow-by. Fresh injectors and tubes essentially resets a Cummins back to like new, and it runs like it, and with a verified compression test we know the engine is in prime condition. We didn't think it could run any better but is now makes literally no smoke and runs even smoother, and gets an honest 20 mpg empty on the highway, and about 12 towing. Recent oil/ filter change and filter change, trans runs cool, fluid looks and smells nice and pink, and shifts perfectly. It currently has 221k miles and the 4wd shifts perfect and with 3.73 gears the truck just sails along at 80 mph with ease. It has no leaks - our spotless concrete driveway is proof.

    Both upper and lower joints were just replaced and it was just aligned.

    The tan/taupe interior is a 9 out of 10 - it is really clean with just minor wear - we are really going to miss the color. The body has a couple of the usual blemishes but overall is great. Windshield does not have cracks all over it, just one smaller ding that isn't in the way of anything.

    The spare tire under the bed didn't look very good when we got the truck so we replaced it with a new Toyo heavy duty all season tire (OE 265-70/17 size), with the intention to put on four more when the time came, which isn't yet - the tires on it now have at least one more season. Since the spare was being replaced we also got an OE aluminum wheel to match the four on the truck so we could rotate in the spare.

    This is one of the nicest and well maintained 3rd gens you'll find, and the beauty is they're 'simple' - easy to understand and maintain, and while the books say it is a $14k truck the recent engine maintenance/upgrades and condition warrants our asking price. Sure it has the usual scuffs - none of which have taken away from the pleasure of driving it and hauling our stuff around - we've just decided that with the weight and length of our camper now we'd prefer a dually, and we already have one we're looking at so we're motivated to sell.

    If you'd like pics of anything specific please contact me and I'll be happy to take/send them. Again we're asking $17,000 (about $35,000 less than a similar new truck), or best offer of course. Title is free and clear, and the truck is ready to drive anywhere.

    Thanks for looking - Any questions please PM and i'll be happy to answer.
    - Sam