Built '06 Yamaha Rhino In SoCal

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    CA Built '06 Yamaha Rhino In SoCal

    3K cash or Trades

    Click image for larger version Name:	58896399567__854FA75A-D055-409D-99F0-E960C780AE01.JPG Views:	0 Size:	285.6 KB ID:	128264 Click image for larger version Name:	IMG_7022.PNG Views:	0 Size:	272.6 KB ID:	128262 Click image for larger version Name:	IMG_7028.JPG Views:	0 Size:	100.4 KB ID:	128261 Click image for larger version Name:	IMG_7021.PNG Views:	0 Size:	255.5 KB ID:	128265

    Built Rhino for sale (lost title). I got it from my grandpa years ago (I have photos to back that up) but he lost the title for it before I got it.

    built cage
    bed delete
    woods pipe
    Triumph Motorsports 720 stroker motor with forged rod and piston (I have paperwork on the motor)
    LSR mid travel kit
    Walker Evans adjustable coilovers
    dry clutch and orange spring (if I remeber correctly)
    LSR chromo axles
    dropped steering column
    Jaz seats dropped and leaned back
    Uni Filter
    Mikuni HSR45 Carb
    Chassis Gusset Kit
    Light bar
    Lots more I am forgetting.

    Runs well. Jetted for altitude but can fatten it up for sea level. Has several seasons on the motor but runs good and wont blow up with forged parts. It is light and built to have fun.

    $3000 cash. Message me directly with questions or interest.
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    Lets Trade! What ya got?


      three fiddy


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        three fiddy
        Say What?


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          Say What?
          South Park joke


            Good deal.


              pm sent


                Sold Sold Sold