NorCal: Grand Cheorkee ZJ unibody frame stiffeners, new 10G steel

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    CA NorCal: Grand Cheorkee ZJ unibody frame stiffeners, new 10G steel

    For sale are custom unibody frame stiffeners designed specifically for the 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ with either the 4.0L or v8 engines. Made of raw 10G (0.14" thick) steel. The Cherokee frame is a unibody, which means the frame is part of the body and not a separate component like a heavy duty truck.

    Complete kit is by DBMetalworx (Arizona) and sells on ebay for $420. Made in USA.

    "Strengthen your ZJ unibody with this set of 10ga CNC cut frame stiffeners. Adding frame stiffeners creates a VERY strong foundation for mounting rock sliders and roll cages. This is a full set which extends from front bumper mounting holes all the way to the rear. Stiffeners have plenty holes for rosette/plug welds. 2/3 of center section is fully encapsulated with 10ga steel. Stiffeners help to prevent chassis twist and cracking from off-road use."

    What i am selling are the front (above front axle), center (belly), and rear sections (above rear axle, fuel tank) of the frame stiffener because they were not directly compatible with a custom long arm suspension control arm bracket system. The new pieces for sale (see pics) reinforce any Grand Cherokee ZJ with factory control arm mounts (called a short arm lift). or if there's rust/rot on the existing frame these stiffeners can be used as caps, gussets, or plates. It's possible to use these stiffeners with long arm suspension mounts, but will require a lot of grinding of the new suspension mounts to accommodate the extra width of the unibody belly with these stiffener caps.

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