WTG: :FREE, GRATIS: Chevy C30 to K30 Frame Kit :FREE, GRATIS

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    WTG: :FREE, GRATIS: Chevy C30 to K30 Frame Kit :FREE, GRATIS

    Here is the C30 component.

    The K30 parts will be added later.

    The front and rear frame to pull the mounts and measure distance to attach to the C30 frame are included.

    The only part that is missing is the M1031 rear cab crossmember.

    What you get is the complete C30 frame and the brackets that are all sti on the K30 frame sections, a front section parts under the engine and the section under the rear differential.

    Price: Nothing, its free but you would need to come and get it.

    Location: Near Paradise, Calif.

    The trailer axles arent included they are just making it easier to roll around as it would be a "drag" otherwise.

    Would need a trailer to haul it away...



    Last edited by PAE; 05-21-2020, 11:12 PM.

    Glad to see you decided to stop using this abomination as a trailer frame.


      You have to admit it served the purpose, It also hauled a utility bed from Total Newbs place south of sacto to P town so was utilized in the role as a trailer there as well.

      Didnt even have tail lights on it.


        This too is about to visit with the scrap man, only difference is this will take more energy to get rid of.