NP203/205 Dual Case Setup for TH400

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    CA NP203/205 Dual Case Setup for TH400

    For sale: NP203/205 Dual-Case Setup for TH400, $1,800

    -Factory TH400 to NP203 Adapter for 1.25" transmission stickout, 32-spline
    -GM 203 dismantled, cleaned, and setup with Off Road Design Gen2 Figure 8 205 pattern
    -GM 205 figure 8 bolt pattern, 32 spline input, disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt with 1350 CV flange yokes
    -205 is set up with new ORD shift rails (allows full control of range box and 205 outputs)
    -ORD triple stick new in box

    Willing to split cases and sell separately if the right offer comes along

    Located in the North Bay area, local delivery possible depending on where you're at

    Can ship with Fastenal if needed
    85 Surf, hi-steer, spartans, RCVs, ARP hub/knuck studs, duals, 35s, 529s, custom power steering leak