NP205 32 Spline 1410 Yoke Forged

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    CA NP205 32 Spline 1410 Yoke Forged

    Northern Drivetrain 3-4-10951
    Fits NP205 32 Spline
    1410 Yoke Forged with U bolts

    New Price: $102.48

    Bolted up to case but never ran. Like new condition with new u bolts and nuts.
    $80 shipped
    Or trade for a 1410 flange

    U-Joint Series 1410
    Spline Major Diameter 1.401
    Spline Count 32.000
    Spline Type Involute
    Spline Pressure Angle 45 deg.
    Ground Hub Diameter R 2.125
    Length Thru Bore Q 2.000
    Centerline of Joint to End of Spline S 3.690
    Universal Joint Retaining Width E 4.188
    Universal Joint Bearing Diameter D 1.188
    Counterbore Depth 0.310
    Joint Angle 30.000
    Style U Bolt
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