suzuki Rock rat crawl box. Track/Kick

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    CA suzuki Rock rat crawl box. Track/Kick

    I had another add. But changed my mind an will keeping the samurai running gear for now..

    I still have the Rock Rat crawl box up for grabs. This unit goes to a Track/kick 5speed/auto. an mates a factory samurai t case to it. The unit is NOT complete. It will need some work to finish. PM me for more details on the unit. Pics will be added this weekend. thanks you.
    Located in Fresno CA. $500. Local pick up is the best, Not shipping at this time. But PM me if your out of state an we can talk. thanks

    In for pics


      Ended up working all last weekend. Ill get some pics tomorrow


        Ok. I can't seam to get pics loaded.. pm me your number or email for pics