Project Concepts that you will never do

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    Project Concepts that you will never do

    I hate the way my mind works at times, I'll see something cool (in this case it was a 10 min video on buick in nascar) and instantly think of what i could do with this "cool thing"

    well of course i could build a nascar inspired 1980's ford thunderbird track car

    they come with a peppy 5.0, so throw a spoiler, stickers and slicks and bam! done right?

    i dont have the time, money or space for any new projects, but ive got a handful of ideas in my head at all times

    so what are your guys projects that will never start?

    or am i the only one that does this??

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    Nothing is for sale man, I’m a curator of the finest junk.

    Lamborghini Countach kit car.

    I have the money, but not so much the desire anymore. You can find people's unfinished projects relatively cheap. Great starting point. I enjoy the build and customization more than the finished product.

    Instead I grabbed an old Vette, keep telling myself the Lambo will be the next project, maybe.

    I had an 83 thunderbird, only a 3.8 but it was a great car.


      Oh yea! I have sketches for a 3 stage can crusher. I've turned into a beer snob and don't buy canned beer, so it'll never happen now.


        I'm not going to admit defeat. My kids can after I'm gone.


          I'll spend some time running down a rabbit hole looking at things like above but usually come to the conclusion that it won't do what I want, it's will take all my time and money, or it's not really that cheap.

          I have a few projects that I have a hard enough time trying to make progress on and try to keep those front and center.

          ....Just Add Lightness...


            Originally posted by Firstram View Post
            Oh yea! I have sketches for a 3 stage can crusher. I've turned into a beer snob and don't buy canned beer, so it'll never happen now.
            In tech school our hydraulics teacher built one that spit out 1" cubes. Part of our final was hooking the hoses to the right valves in the right order to make it work. It only used 1 lever and he had a lot of extra components that didn't do anything to make you second guess yourself. I still have my coke can cube somewhere.


              I've wanted to something like this for a few years:

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              Lack of an actual shop makes it a no-go though.


                I'd like to build a vehicle we can drive a distance (street legal) as a family, and just run scenic back roads in central/eastern Pennsylvania during various seasons. Mild build, but enough to do it during the winter, too. We tried using the Tahoe this past year, and it's a big vehicle to handle on icy mountain roads...and zero recovery gear on it. It makes a better vacation vehicle than anything else.

                I'd also like to set up a sweet 3/4 ton truck...just because, just in case, well you can always use a 3/4 ton.

                The list goes on...I need a back hoe, a dump truck or a dump trailer, a stump grinder, and more and more shit to make more mowing for myself. ​​​​​​​


                  Up until the day before yesterday, I had a 1986 Malibu ski boat that ran like a top but needed a little interior work. I've always thought about buying another similar hull and putting a big twin turbo diesel with a two speed transmission in place of the 351W. It would look superb running hot laps on the lake at 8:00AM with no engine cowl and minimal exhaust.

                  I also want to build a mini jet boat. That one may actually happen one day.




                      Fullsize bronco, 12" lift springs, 2.5 tons on tractor tires. Cheap budget mud machine......for all the mud wheeling we have here in northern ca


                        I do bench builds all the time. Sadly that whole time/money thing gets in the way... as well as Calif restrictions on cars

                        I've got a empty 77 Honda Civic body on the property that is in VERY good condition.
                        77 Honda Civic body: TDI drivetrain and tuned for easy rolling coal😁
                        77 Honda Civic body: 500 Big Block Cady front wheel drive... no allowed in Calif because of smog and 500 stopped in 76

                        All aluminum flat fender build with turbo or super charged Ecotech engine. Upgraded axles but stock sized tires/rims. Potentially sub 2000 rig with 300hp+ sounds like fun.


                          Originally posted by Sceep View Post

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                          Dan's rig has been my all time favorite and I want one, but with this fixer-upper house project and starting a family late in life it seems like a pipe dream.

                          Maybe this site is my new excuse though
                          America is all about speed, hot nasty bad ass speed.
                          -Elenore Roosevelt


                            Dodge WC10 or WC53, TT diesel, manual trans modern chassis, 40s, "natural" aged exterior, mint/restored underhood and interior, brown luxury leather seats like Ford's King Ranch.


                              A 4wd lawnmower with flexy suspension and diff locks.

                              I am constantly 3 wheeling on my regular mower with all these slopes and hills.