Tractor tech in shit shat mahindra m85p

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    Tractor tech in shit shat mahindra m85p

    I needed a bigger tractor. Bought this 2014 Mahindra Mpower 85P on big iron. Solidly good deal on an 85hp tractor that can lift the flat bed/bale beds I am now carrying at my dealership. (had a 45hp boomer that couldn' Click image for larger version  Name:	trac1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	219.7 KB ID:	66823 Click image for larger version  Name:	trac2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	133.8 KB ID:	66824 t pick up the 2k# arm beds)

    The issue is in the rear cab fuse box. Only two fuses are getting power, for the rear lights. The rest of the fuses are dead. Including the front lights, cab air/heat, seat compressor, etc. I have the service manual and have checked all of the fuses, maxi and otherwise that it shows.

    Hoping someone has had this issue? TIA

    I can’t help on the fuses. We had a Mpower 85 for a few months a couple years ago. I hope ours was an outlier in the data, but it spent more time on a trailer going back and forth to the dealer than it did at the farm.

    It ended up being returned after the engine oil and hydraulic oil systems decided to co-mingle and eat the bottom end.