Child molester cop

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    Child molester cop

    Sick fuck, he’s done. I doubt he’ll make it a month in jail without special protections.
    Aaron Mayes, 36, has been released on bond pending investigation after a 16-year-old says the deputy sent her sexually explicit pictures, and offered money. Mayes was a deputy with Harris County Precinct 4

    sometimes I kinda wonder if there is a location full of mostly molesters?? like they put all the murderers together right? they don't mix them??

    (I've never been in jail) I just hear things.. hahaha.. I had a close relative not want to go back, after being released after serving for a murder sentence.. so he died in a shoot out with officers, he shot 4 but didnt kill any.. he told me some great stories..

    this guy is pretty much screwed as it is.. whether the charges stick or not, and they look solid to most people probably..
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