Crowd trying to tear down statue of Don Onate in Alb. attack a counter protester

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    Crowd trying to tear down statue of Don Onate in Alb. attack a counter protester
    Howling Leftwing Mob Tries to Murder a Man in Albuquerque but They Don’t Count on Him Defending Himself

    The ongoing effort by the left to destroy the historical record in an attempt to enact George Orwell’s 1984 slogan, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past,” turned violent in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last night.

    Protesters converged on the La Jornada sculpture in front of the Albuquerque Museum that commemorates Juan de Oñate, the Spanish conquistador who explored the Colorado River and the Great Plains during the latter half of the 16th century and was the first Spanish governor in Santa Fe. Their purpose was to demand the removal of the statue. The protest drew a group of counter-protesters from the New Mexico Civil Guard, a vaguely paramilitary group, to protect the statue.

    One of the leftist mob began to use a pickaxe on the statue. The paramilitary group intervened to stop it. This is the video courtesy of KOB 4 Eyewitness News, Albuquerque-Santa Fe, New Mexico #KOB4.
    We just obtained video of the shooting.

    9:40 PM - Jun 15, 2020
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    You can see the mob on the statue and a rope around the statue’s upper third, presumably in an attempt to pull it down (0:05). Then you see a guy in a blue shirt retreating. At 0:08 some assclown hits him with a skateboard. Some guy is screaming “Get him! Get him!” (0:24) and then seems to have an ‘oh, f***’ moment when he realizes he’s being recorded and changes his squeal to “Get his license plate.” The guy in the blue shirt walks away (0:29). At 0:31, the guy in the blue shirt realizes he’s made a tactical error in turning his back on a pack of yipping hyenas and starts to run. At 0:35, he’s tackled by two or three people and what sounds like the same guy who was yelling “Get him!” is now yelling, “We’ll f***ing kill you! We’ll f***ing kill you!” (0:39). At 0:41 the guy in the blue shirt regains his footing and draws a weapon. He stumbles backward and opens fire. It sounds like he fires four shots. At this point, the inchoate animal screams of vengeance turn into shrieks of fear and panic. The video goes jerky as the Brave Sir Robin who had been screaming for blood just a few seconds earlier un-asses the area.
    Seconds after this guy shot into the crowd hitting one person (who is in bad condition), his fashy NMCG buddies surrounded him to protect him from the people. These guys were working with the cops weeks earlier.

    9:22 PM - Jun 15, 2020
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    The guy who was shot is in the hospital. The police arrested the guy in the blue shirt and several other members of the paramilitary group.

    Now the Democrat power structure in New Mexico and Albuquerque are demonizing the guy who was nearly killed by a rabid, homicidal mob.
    Before the night was over Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and other officials condemned the violence and those who instigated it.

    “Although we are still learning more about the situation, I am horrified and disgusted beyond words by the reports of violence at a protest Monday night in Albuquerque,” Lujan Grisham said late Monday in a statement. “The heavily armed individuals who flaunted themselves at the protest, calling themselves a ‘civil guard,’ were there for one reason: To menace protesters, to present an unsanctioned show of unregulated force. To menace the people of New Mexico with weaponry — with an implicit threat of violence — is on its face unacceptable; that violence did indeed occur is unspeakable.”

    Mayor Tim Keller reacted swiftly following the shooting, tweeting that the city would be “removing the statue until the appropriate civic institutions can determine next steps” in order to contain the public safety risk.

    “The shooting tonight was a tragic, outrageous and unacceptable act of violence and it has no place in our city,” the mayor wrote in a statement. “Our diverse community will not be deterred by acts meant to divide or silence us. Our hearts go out the victim, his family and witnesses whose lives were needlessly threatened tonight.”

    A few thoughts here.

    As far as I can see, this was a righteous shooting. The guy in the blue shirt doesn’t brandish a weapon, he doesn’t threaten anyone. When the situation turns ugly he tries to get out of the area. When he is assaulted by the asswipe using the skateboard he doesn’t retaliate. When he realizes he’s being pursued, he tries to run. This satisfies the requirements in even states which say he has a duty to retreat. When he is tackled from behind by several people while a mob is shouting for him to be murdered, he finally resorts to the use of deadly force. Even here he is restrained. He doesn’t empty the magazine into the crowd, he drops the most serious threat…who I’m sure the left will turn into their own Horst Wessel who they will chant about at their drumming circles…and stops.

    One can debate the wisdom of showing up at a mob scene of ravening leftists who have zero compunction about attacking people to oppose them; what one can’t debate is that they had a legal right to be there. New Mexico is an ‘open carry’ state, so the New Mexico Civil Guard seems to be well within their rights. And, if you do decide to take part in a counter-protest, this video makes the case that you’d damned well better be armed and prepared to use force to protect yourself.

    The bleating by New Mexico’s Governor about ‘intimidation” is utter bullsh**. The mob wasn’t intimidated. In fact, they felt so empowered by the support Lujan Grisham has extended to these would-be Spartacist street fighters that they were comfortable documenting their assault on a citizen and their intent to murder him.

    On the whole, I find it hard to get upset over this. These scum want to get rid of the police. Fine. If that’s the game they want to play and they want to engage in street violence, then it is time to take Kurt Schlichter’s advice. Buy guns and ammo because these people want you dead.ñate

    Juan de Oñate y Salazar (Spanish: [ˈxwan de oˈɲate] (listen); 1550–1626) was a Spanish conquistador from New Spain, explorer, and colonial governor of the province of Santa Fe de Nuevo México in the viceroyalty of New Spain. He led early Spanish expeditions to the Great Plains and Lower Colorado River Valley, encountering numerous indigenous tribes in their homelands there. Oñate founded settlements in the province, now in the Southwestern United States.

    Today Oñate is known for the 1599 Acoma Massacre. Following a dispute that led to the death of thirteen Spaniards at the hands of the Ácoma, including Oñate's nephew, Juan de Zaldívar, Oñate ordered a brutal retaliation against Acoma Pueblo. The Pueblo was destroyed.[2] Around 800–1000 Ácoma were killed.[3]

    Of the 500 or so survivors, at a trial at Ohkay Owingeh, Oñate sentenced most to twenty years of forced "personal servitude" and additionally mandated that all men over the age of twenty-five have a foot cut off.[3] He was eventually banished from New Mexico and exiled from Mexico City for five years, convicted by the Spanish government of using "excessive force" against the Acoma people.[2]

    Today, Oñate remains a controversial figure in New Mexican history: in 1998 the right foot was cut off a statue of the conquistador that stands in Alcalde, New Mexico in protest of the massacre, and significant controversy arose when a large equestrian statue of Oñate was erected in El Paso, Texas in 2006.[4][5]

    On June 15, 2020, the statue of Oñate in Alcalde, New Mexico was temporarily removed by Rio Arriba County workers at the direction of officials. Appropriate civic institutions will make the final decision on the statue's future.[6]


    Who is the NM civil guard
    Pulled from a longer story
    So the armed men in fatigues were “taken into custody for questioning.” I might like to be their lawyer today. So who were they? White nationalists? Anti-government militia who operate along the US-Mexico border? Second Amendment extremists?

    Turns out, based on a story done by a local television station two weeks ago, they are a group of individuals, some retired military and/or law enforcement, who have a Facebook page, and organized themselves just a couple weeks ago after seeing looting and rioting sweep across various U.S. cities.

    That particular story is about a group called the “New Mexico Civil Guard of Curry County”. Curry County is on the New Mexico-Texas border, and it does not include Albuquerque, which is about 200 miles away. So it’s not clear at this moment if the two groups are one-in-the-same, affiliated with each other, or just happen to coincidentally share the same name. But without resolving that question, let’s consider what the news story on the Curry County group says about them.
    They call themselves the New Mexico Civil Guard for Curry County. Their mission: Defend citizens and their private property. “We will not allow businesses in our community to be put through the pain we’ve seen nationwide,” their Facebook page reads. “The protests are necessary, we fully understand that, and to an extent the violence is necessary, but we will not allow that violence to be directed at our citizens and their property.”

    Well, isn’t that “radical.” After watching cities be burned and private property looted — often with the big city police departments standing by and watching because of orders from local and state government officials — these private citizens of New Mexico say “Not happening here.” They recognized the legitimacy of the protests — just not the actions of rioters and looters.
    We’re not against the protesters or whatever you want to call them,” said Petty, who is the group’s captain. “We’re not there to intimidate the protesters or anything like that. We’re not with antifa. We’re there because of everything that’s going on (around the country) and we’re not going to watch our community be destroyed, if it comes to that.”

    Bryce Provance, one of the New Mexico Civil Guard leaders who lives in Albuquerque, said many members across the state are retired military and/or law enforcement personnel who are highly trained “in CPR and being prepared, tanning food, and arms training as well.” …. “We are not Antifa … They are actively targeting our members because we don’t agree with the violence and thuggish tactics they are using,” Provance said. “We’re not for any organization that uses violence to silence anybody with dissenting opinions.”


      I seriously hope this guy is not charged. I saw the video and he did everything in his power to retreat, including not drawing until after he's being pummeled on the ground by skateboarder.

      My sincere hope is that skateboarder lives, is charged with ADW and has to shit out of a bag for the rest of his miserable communist life.
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        I was reading the headlines in the paper this morning and just wondering WTF the midget and Cuck were so obviously defending the actions of the crowd of protesters. The guy was threatened and then attacked, just from the article I read it sounded like he was justified. The paper obviously tried to spin it, but even that seemed to justify what he did.
        I haven't seen the video, just read the news on it so far.


          every protest should be an armed protest.

          Up is difficult, down is dangerous


            Originally posted by Wheelerfreak View Post
            I was reading the headlines in the paper this morning and just wondering WTF the midget and Cuck were so obviously defending the actions of the crowd of protesters. The guy was threatened and then attacked, just from the article I read it sounded like he was justified. The paper obviously tried to spin it, but even that seemed to justify what he did.
            I haven't seen the video, just read the news on it so far.
            He's gonna have an uphill battle. Dude goes to a protest to start some counter protest shit, brings mace and a gun, starts shoving people around, then gets attacked for shoving people around. It seems like a lot of stupid on all sides to me. Unfortunately, the people beating him and defacing property will not likely be charged and the noose will get pulled tighter around gun rights. That being said....he did get off the porch.

            There's more video that is required to view the situation in context.


              based on the video, he turned his back and was leaving and then people rushed him

              with people assaulting him, either he pulls the gun or they do

              on paper it seems like a good shoot
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                Another shot of the incident


                  Run up and get done up.

                  shooter have a GoFundMe for his upcoming legal expenses?
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                    Originally posted by spork View Post
                    Justified shoot.... I love happy endings.

                    Don't bring a skateboard to a gun fight....
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                      Here is my Riots post, but I think it deserves it's own thread.


                      The previous few pages of that thread are good content about Race Riots in the UK, mostly Blacks attacking Whites. Trampas merged it into the Riots thread which is not getting seen right now b/c it's 30+ pages and he doesn't want Riot shit dominating the board, which is totally understandable.

                      Here's the best view of what happened.

                      They chased him and threatened to kill him, screaming in rage. Threw him on the ground and hit him with skateboards. Attacked by at least 2 people and chased by a crowd of dozens. Then he opened fire after getting back up before he got shit-stomped.

                      The Washington Post tried to make it seem like he opened fire for no reason. They also reported that he was aided by the armed militia that was standing nearby. The reporter who wrote the story is Antifa, and was called out by Andy Ngo in November 2019.


                      WaPo take on what happened:

                      Protesters in Albuquerque wrapped a chain around the neck of a bronze statue and began tugging and chanting, "Tear it down," shortly before sunset Monday. Their efforts to pull down a monument to Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate suddenly stopped as four shots rang out.

                      Most people instinctively turned toward the noise, videos from the scene show. A few screamed. Just yards away, a group of men sporting quasi-military garb and carrying semiautomatic rifles formed a protective circle around the gunman.
                      The racial violence is escalating. Here is NYC this morning or yesterday:


                      They got the guy, but the Media will memory-hole this like they do with most Black on White violence.

                      She was 94. That could easily have been a fatal hip fracture.
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                        Looks justified.

                        He's gonna get crucified. Never mind the asshat yelling 'we're gonna fucking kill you'.

                        That's literally self-defense. Outnumbered, threatened, and attacked. And he stopped shooting as soon as the guy was off him - didn't shoot at the crowd.
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                          Do these morons think the Indians who lived in there were any better than the Europeans? That those Indians didn't wage war on their neighbors in order to steal their land or enslave them? They were every bit as imperialistic as the Spaniards. The Spaniards were just better at it.

                          By the way, how many people know that American indians were - proportionally - some of the largest slave holders in the 1800s... And that they kept their slaves after the 13th amendment? Those morons surely don't.
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                            "I'm going to fucking kill you" - while slinging a skateboard?

                            "For God and country, Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo"


                              Originally posted by Arickvan View Post
                              based on the video, he turned his back and was leaving and then people rushed him

                              with people assaulting him, either he pulls the gun or they do

                              on paper it seems like a good shoot
                              Originally posted by spork View Post

                              Twitter will have that erased soon enough, just like YouTube, so I downloaded it and posted on imgur as well as saved it on the cloud and my drive. I learned my lesson.