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    Computer build

    Since I've broached the topic on pbb, and now that my needs require it now, I'm off to post what id the start of a first timer building a computer.

    Current setup is a late 15 iMac i5, iris pro 6200 1tb hdd. I run 2 monitors in addition to that. General uses have been typical business operations, followed by chief architect for cad, and twinmotion for rendering. I don't render/ cad daily, but weekly I do.

    Chief architect has stated "gaming" vs "cad" in terms of what hardware is best, I think opengl3.3. Means nothing to me. Here's a link ti their suggestions (

    Now, given my laptop (ryzen 5 Vega 8) is out performing my desktop, I'm looking to build a capable, and future upgradeable tower for around $800.

    Main goals are 3 monitors, and capable to run all 3 monitors in chief, or 1/2 monitors chief, and 1 twinmotion as the absolute max I'd do weekly.

    Outside of that, all file managment is cloud based

    anyway, my build list so far entails:
    Ryzen 5 3600 cpu
    Rx 580 gpu
    msi b450 mobo
    Corsair 2x8gb memory
    Samsung 970 500gb ssd

    Critiques, suggestions, raise x lower y stuff?