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    My current project... super duty 60 front, 14 bolt rear, 4 link front and rear, 14" travel coilovers front and rear with air bumps, 6.0 with a cam, full hydro, 40" sticky treps, 1410 drivelines, 6l80e, underdrive, ford 205, triple sticks. Still gotta purchase a bunch of stuff, but it is getting progress made. hopefully be able to have most of the expensive parts by winter.
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      My -78 Blazer.


        91 S10. D44's front and rear.Click image for larger version

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            These were before I tore it down for my currently happening LS swap.

            '86 K5, L59/SM465/NP208, tons-ish and 37s


              I built the M1008 first with a Cummins and NV4500. Several years later I used it for parts to build the K30. It has been reliable towing my enclosed gooseneck except for the NV4500 which needs another set of countershaft bearings.


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Name:	AHLuNpyNn3HMXSIY-eNtU_nFomnpWM5pKp9MfZLlhF0gBCZZ9WcSGeVmKAa6xVqFuG0OsPLyg8SgtT_FJr04cnexoLq_Hr9GJWBJF1T2xhUvtnwlluOLFGJVLqfdI0_xnA~~.jpg
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Name:	APUYUH1RGY8Dssv4QWihct6KxWJaABBtBLptZcF0CgIGi4jHBamD3IH2txgoGf3JqBUsi29bR3chNUGAxdacvQoe6B7r_kGbx3B5MG9KJXbF1ZnLu5bevJq3d42m7RccFg~~.jpg
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