What is irate4x4?!?

Simply put, it's the new home for all the former members of the pirate4x4 forums.

Some of us have been on that site for close to 20yrs. There have been a lot of friendships forged, amazing tech shared and good times had over the years. Years ago, it was sold to a multimedia conglomerate that doesn’t care about its members or the wheeling community in general. Their business model is to buy prominent forums and use every ounce of ad space until the sites are unusable. After years of hacks, security breaches, lack of updates and more and more sneaky ads the new owners had already driven a lot of the members off. Their “new format” in May of 2020 has typically been the final nail in the coffin for the numerous other communities they bought. Rather than fading into oblivion we dropped the ‘P’ from the URL, set up irate4x4.com and we all moved over here.

Same people, same attitude ... shorter name.